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Jefe político de Talibán regresa a Afganistán, dice portavoz


Una delegación de alto nivel encabezada por el mulá Abdul Ghani Baradar, jefe político del Talibán de Afganistán, regresó a este país proveniente de Qatar, informó el portavoz Mohammad Naeem en redes sociales.

El portavoz dijo en Twitter que la delegación aterrizó en el aeropuerto de Kandahar en el sur de Afganistán.

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  1. Y does the US leave a trail of destruction ?

    US enters a nation, when it seeks decisive results, and in an emergency or an urgency !

    So the 1st thing it needs to do, is to build, breed and maintain, a loyal force, of local military, politicians and bureaucrats

    For that, these 3 targets have to ADOPT the ideology, of the US.

    Thence, comes in the money to co-opt these 3 targets – by salaries,aid and infra projects – wherein the projects are given to cronies of these 3 targets, to pay off the 3 musketeers ! This is THE GENESIS OF CORRUPTION !

    These 3 targets then spread the US ideology, to the masses and some bite – BUT MANY DO NOT – as there is NOT enough money to go around, and that some people, JUST DO NOT WANT ANY IDEOLOGICAL CHANGE – It is the comfort, with the OLD.

    Then as time passes the majority are cut off the quasi American elite – and the seeds of permanent war are sown – and that makes the incumbent regime a US puppet.

    In a few years,some local or global power supports the masses – and you have TOTAL WAR !

    The war is fought by and among locals, with US strat and tech, and some US lives.

    The Country is annihilated, and the regime exits and CHAOS resides.


    The target nation is doomed and will always be a US puppet ,and the regime which exited, is a PERMANENT LONG TERM ASSET of the US,and if all goes well,THE TARGET NATION WILL BE PARTITIONED !

    So the US Goals are always MET,albeit at the cost of a few US lives,The Financial Cost is not much !

    In Iraq – the OIl offset the cost !

    In Afghanistan – it was the 9/11 CAT insurance and the Drugs ! And now,unless the US aids Taliban,the drugs will resume.

    Today in Viet – the Viet slit eyes love the Yanki as it is the Yanki alone which can save the Viets from PRC.

    And the TRUTH is that the US does NOT CARE ABOUT COLLATERAL DAMAGE.That India’s Chabahar and Infra in Afghanistan are blown to smithreens – is of no concern to the US !

    But then Y should the US care ? dindooohindoo